Bricks LA 2017

Bricks LA 2017 was a great weekend with over 120 registered VIBs and over 2,000 public attendees! Thank you to all of the builders, vendors, theme coordinators, and attendees that came out for a weekend of bricks and fun; you make Bricks LA a fun event for everyone involved. Again, congratulations to the trophy winners as well as all of the builders who helped create an incredible display of hundreds of LEGO models!

Theme Coordinators
Andrew Lee – Space / Mecha
Brandon Griffith – Art / Mosaic / Sculpture & Screen Scenes
Tiffeny Thompson – Town / Castle


Trophy Winners

Best In Show
Miro78 – Woodland Creatures
People’s Choice
Chris Wight – USS Inexorable
Screen Scenes
1st: Peter Aoun – Treasures Untold
2nd: Jeff Cross – Adventure Time
Art / Mosaic / Sculpture
1st: Miro78 – Woodland Creatures
2nd: Peter Abrahamson – Alien Poster
Space / Mecha
1st: Chris Wight – USS Inexorable
2nd: Sparkart – Psycho Gundam
Town / Castle
1st: Ben Rose – Ramen Shop
2nd: Paul Thomas – Gulf War Airbase
CMF Vignettes
Jeff Cross – Another Day At The Office
Batman: My Parents Are Dead
Eric T – Darkness, No Parents
Batman: Most Darkness
MJ9 – Bat E Taking out The Trash of Gotham
Batman: Best Black & Very Dark Gray
Silly Bricks – Wall-B
MOCs of Note
Coop – Roswell Garage
Anthony Forsberg – Amiibo
Bruce Heller – Bullocks Wilshire