Bricks LA 2019 MOC Registration

MOC registration for Bricks LA 2019

Please use this page to register each of your MOCs that you plan to bring and display at Bricks LA 2019 by December 28th.

  • You must be a registered VIB / AFOL attendee of Bricks LA 2019 to display a MOC.
  • All registered models must be set up by 9 am Saturday and may not be taken down until 5 pm Sunday.
  • MOC cards will be printed with the information you provide and will be distributed at the show.
  • Themes are subject to change based on the MOCs being registered.

By submitting your MOC registration, you signify that you have read, understand and agree to these terms.


  • Screen Scenes – Depict any scene from any movie or tv show into brick form (minifig scale only).
  • Space/Mecha – Space, Science Fiction, whatever you call it, it goes here. Oh, and all mecha and bots go here too.
  • Art/Mosaic/Sculpture – Our catch-all category. If you don’t know where your MOC belongs, it probably goes here.
  • Town/Castle – Contribute to the next Bricksburg, modern or olde!
  • Train – Choo choo!
  • Superheroes – Movies, comics, capes, and cowls!
  • Brickheadz Vignettes – 16 x 16 vignette with your Brickheadz!

* Please check this page for additional/updated MOC themes.