2021 Brick Builder Directory Submission

If you would like to be included in our 2021 Brick Builder Directory, please complete the form below. The Brick Builder Directory will be available to the public and is intended to help showcase the amazing creations built by our VIBs beyond the event and throughout the year.

Inclusion in the Brick Builder Directory is entirely voluntary. By submitting your information below, you agree to have the photo, display name, website, and description displayed publicly on the Brick Builder Directory on our website. Bricks LA reserves the right to alter or remove directory listings for reasons such as, but not limited to, linking to sites not displaying fan built LEGO creations/MOCs, content that is deemed as hate or harassment, or anything that violates state or federal law.

  • All fields are required, but your real name and email will not be displayed (those are in case we need to contact you or verify information).
  • Your picture can be one of your MOCs, your logo, or a picture of yourself. Please make sure the picture is a high quality square image up to 800×800 pixels. Accepted formats include png, jpg, and gif.
  • Your website can be a portfolio, gallery, or other such site that displays your MOCs (Flickr and other photo sharing links are fine a well as sites for commissioned building or custom MOC kits), but links to Bricklink or other such part stores are not allowed. If you have any questions, please contact us for clarification.

Please note: The Brick Builder Directory is meant to feature builders who will be participating in the upcoming/current Bricks LA annual event. Current submissions will remain online until registration for the next Bricks LA event opens, at which time you are welcome to resubmit your information as long as you will be participating in the next Bricks LA event.

2021 Brick Builder Directory Submission