Brick Builder Spotlight Videos

Welcome to Bricks LA Brick Builder Spotlight! The Builder Spotlight series gives us a chance to catch up with some of the amazing builders who participate in Bricks LA and find out more about what they have been working on and how they create their incredible LEGO® models!

Please visit the Bricks LA YouTube channel to check out four new Builder Spotlight videos including Gwyneth Kozbial, Bill Vollbrecht, Anuradha Pehrson, and Allan Corbeil!

Vote for Your Favorite Model

Explore over 400 fan built LEGO models on our Bricks LA 2021 MOC page where you can help us by voting for your favorite model to win the 2021 People’s Choice trophy!

The winner will be announced on Monday the 11th, so be sure to check back here and following Bricks LA on Instagram and Facebook!

Bricks LA Coloring Page

Check out this amazing postcard inspired Bricks LA artwork that you can print and color yourself by artist Paul Lee!

Bricks LA Coloring Page

Don’t forget to post your finished coloring page on social media with #BricksLA2021

Build Your Own Mosaic

Create a mosaic build by converting an image using an online tool (like this one – Just choose an image and how big you want your mosaic to be (for instance, a standard baseplate is 32 studs wide). Then use the mosaic image created as a template to start building your own creation! You can stick with the pattern or get creative with colors and try using all sorts of different pieces for different looks! Below is an example of the Bricks LA star we made including the original image, the brick-ified image, and our final mosaic that we built using blue plates instead of pink!


Brick Builder Directory

Check out some of the talented brick artists that are participating in Bricks LA and links to their amazing creations!

Word Search

Relax with an AFOL themed word search online! There are lots of terms that Adult Fans Of LEGO use to describe bricks and building techniques along with general brick related words. You can also download/print the puzzle if you prefer!

Let’s Build Together

Looking for more LEGO fun? Check out tons of activities and building ideas at Let’s Build Together on!