Bricks LA 2021 MOC Gallery

Welcome to the Bricks LA 2021 MOC Gallery! Please enjoy over 400 fan built models created by dozens of amazing brick artists on virtual display this year! Many of these models have links in the descriptions to more photos and videos, so please be sure to check those out.

People’s Choice Help us choose the winner for the Bricks LA 2021 People’s Choice award! Just find your favorite model in the gallery and click the blue bar under the photo that says VOTE FOR THIS MODEL! Please submit your vote for People’s Choice by 3 PM on Sunday January 10th!

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Title: Crashed Society 02 LL937: Year One
Author: James Dart
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Category: Space/Mecha
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Description: The Survivors of the LL937 crash have begun to create a small village until help can arrive. Using the only Mecha remaining, they dismantle their ship to build their new home. First Displayed BricksCascade 2019