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Title: SpunkyBricks’s Undersea World
Author: Dianne Campbell
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Category: SigFig Boxes
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Description: My first sigfig and sigfig box! My sigfig box is filled with things I love. I wanted to give a feeling of being underwater. I love swimming out in nature in lakes, rivers and especially pools under waterfalls! I have swum with Nessie in Scotland and regularly swim in Puget Sound, so my sigfig has a mermaid tail. I used a Legolas torso because the green goes with the mermaid tail, I am a total Tolkien geek, and I am an archer. I added a chessboard tile because I love board games and I used to be a school chess team coach. I am interested in Scandanavian and Scottish Medieval history so I included a tile with runes. I took bagpipe lessons in high school and fencing in college so I included a bagpipe and fencing foil. The map represents my love of travel. The fossil represents my rock collection and fascination with stone age monuments. I had a lot of fun creating this sigfig and box. I feel like it expresses so much of who I am. More pics can be found at by SpunkyBricks from SeaLUG and SortLUG