Bricks LA 2022 Vendor Payment

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at Bricks LA 2022! Please use the form below and Paypal checkout to purchase your vendor table(s). Please note – Bricks LA 2022 will be an AFOL only event with no public attendees and you must be a registered VIB to register for a vendor table.

Each Bricks LA 2022 Vendor table ($40) includes:

  • One draped 8′ table and two chairs.
  • Link on our vendor page to your online store.
  • Optional – A discount code, coupon, or similar deal you would like to offer during Bricks LA.

Terms & Conditions

  • No vendor passes are included in this cost. Everyone participating in Bricks LA 2022 (including vendors and any persons helping at vendor tables) must be registered VIBs. There will be no vendor passes available. Proof of full vaccination and masks are required for all VIBs.
  • We cannot guarantee a minimum number of attendees, but we anticipate around 100-200 AFOLs.
  • We will not be providing wifi. The convention center offers paid daily wifi access for individual users and there is usually free wifi available nearby.
  • Vendors are responsible for their spaces, merchandise, and property throughout the event. We recommend that you do not leave valuables unattended at any time throughout the event. This includes during move-in/move-out and in the garage.
  • Only registered VIBs may register for vendor tables. If vendors have staff, helpers, or other people they want to have at the event, they need to also register as VIBs. Due to health guidelines we cannot have unregistered people helping at vendor tables (this includes move-in/move-out). Thank you for helping make this a safe and comfortable event for everyone!

Number of tables:
Business Name:
Contact Name:
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I agree to the above terms as well as the Bricks LA 2022 Vendor Terms and Conditions .