About Bricks LA

Started in 2015, Bricks LA was an annual convention for Adult Fans Of LEGO (AFOL) to share their brick art, ideas, and friendship with other brick enthusiasts! Guests could explore hundreds of fan built models, shop with brick vendors for sets and unique gifts, and spark your creativity with a variety of activities.

Bricks LA was proud to be one of only 13 events in the world (at that time) recognized by The LEGO Group as an AFOL Networking Event (ANE). Events identified as ANEs focus on bringing AFOLs together and are working to grow their international reach while helping to inspire the next generation of builders.



Bricks LA Team

Show Coordinator


Ayleen Dority
As a lifelong LEGO maniac and toy aficionado, Ayleen has turned her passion for playthings into her career. She spent over a decade working in the independent toy industry as co-owner of October Toys, producer/host of the weekly online show Toy Break, and coordinator for various events, conventions, and art shows.

Twitter: @AyleenDority
Instagram : AyleenDority