Bricks LA 2020

Bricks LA 2020 was our biggest and best show yet with 200 registered VIBs and over 6,000 public attendees! Thank you to everyone who made it such an amazing weekend including all of our incredible builders, vendors, theme coordinators, panelists, and fans. Again, congratulations to the trophy winners as well as all of the builders who helped create an incredible display of almost 400 LEGO models! We look forward to seeing you again at Bricks LA 2021!

Theme Coordinators
Stephen Pakbaz – Space / Mecha
Brandon Griffith – Art / Mosaic & Screen Scenes
Tiffeny Thompson – Town / Castle & Train
David Dannecker – Nature
Chris Wight & Peter Aoun – Return of the Jedi Vignettes
Peter Aoun & Peter Abrahamson – Movie Posters

Trophy Winners

Best In Show
Midas Casino
by Corey Maxfield & Mason Hall
People’s Choice
Star Wars Cinema
by Miro Dudas
Art / Mosaic
Best Large Art:
The Beatles British Album Covers
by Gwyneth Kozbial
Best Small Art:
Baby Yoda
by Miro Dudas
Space / Mecha
Ribbiting Cosmic Craft:
Space Shuttle
by Lego_Creation06
Toadally Magnificent Mech:
Monster Attack!
by Andrew Lee
Screen Scenes
Best Picture:
The Great Pit of Carkoon
by Chris Wight
Best Director:
Rear Window
by Griffin Rose
Fabulous Flora:
Out West
by Jesse Gros
Fantastic Fauna:
Woodland Creatures
by Miro Dudas
Town / Castle / Train
Little Big Thing:
Midas Casino
by Corey Maxfield & Mason Hall
Fun Little Thing:
The Fabuland Files
by Ben Rose
Castle King:
Lion’s Lair
by Leo Cruz
E.P. Ripley
by Griffin Rose
Size Matters Not
Space/Mecha trophies
by Stephen Pakbaz
More Than The Sum Of It’s Parts
I.E.A. Discovery
by Chris Malloy
There’s No I In Team
Crisis in Marvel City
by Brick Hunter, Troy Anderson, and Jesse Mohler
We Was Robbed
Grand Moff Tarkin
by Brandon Griffith
Return of the Jedi Vignettes
by Okay Yaramanoglu
Super Star Destroyer Plunges Into Death Star
We have the best MOCs, Everybody says so
Newt’s London Flat
by LeAnna James-Gay & Eric Law
Movie Posters
Silence of the Lambs by Chris Wight
Full Metal Jacket by Tim Heidrich
My Neighbor Totoro by Claire Nordlow
Return of the Jedi by Peter Abrahamson
MOCs of Note
It’s A Small World by Bill Volbrecht
Ultimate 80’s Arcade by Aaron Farmer

Video & Press Coverage

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