Bricks LA 2015

With almost 90 registered VIBs and over 3,000 public attendees, Bricks LA 2015 was an incredible success! Huge thanks to all of the builders, vendors, theme coordinators, and attendees that took chance on a first time convention; you made Bricks LA a great weekend event for everyone involved. Again, congratulations to the trophy winners as well as all of the builders who helped create an incredible display of over 100 LEGO models! We look forward to seeing you again at Bricks LA 2016!

Bricks LA 2015

Theme Coordinators
Andrew Lee – Space / Mecha
Brandon Griffith – Comic Bricks & Screen Scenes
Chris Wight – Art / Mosaic / Sculpture
Tiffeny Thompson – Town / Castle


Trophy Winners

Comic Bricks
1st: Peter Abrahamson – Star Wars #31
2nd: Zach Clapsadle – Captain Marvel #5
Screen Scenes
1st: Nick Desimone – Micro LEGO: The Art of Nick D
2nd: Peter Aoun – Little Mermaid Treasures Untold
Space / Mecha
1st: Bricks & Brews – Space Nam
2nd: Mark Borlase (BRICKPLUMBER) – Death Star Scenes
Art / Mosaic / Sculpture
1st: Jeff Cross – Nightmare In Pink
2nd: Tim Inman – Rat Fink
Town / Castle
1st: Bill Vollbrecht – Coney Island Pavilion
2nd: Bill Vollbrecht – Gingerbread House
Best In Show
1st: Mark Borlase (BRICKPLUMBER) – Death Star Scenes
2nd: Bricks & Brews – Space Nam
People’s Choice
Winner: Mark Borlase (BRICKPLUMBER) – Death Star Scenes
Most Clever Use of Parts
Winner: Nick Desimone – Micro LEGO: The Art of Nick D
Most Humorous
Winner: Peter Aoun – The Incredulpo Hulk
Just Because
Winner: Daikoncat – Macross Transformable Valkarie


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