Bricks LA 2018

Bricks LA 2018 was our biggest and best show yet with 150 registered VIBs and over 5,000 public attendees! Thank you to everyone who contributed to a fantastic weekend including all of our amazing builders, vendors, theme coordinators, panelists, and fans. Again, congratulations to the trophy winners as well as all of the builders who helped create an incredible display of over 200 LEGO models! We look forward to seeing you again at Bricks LA 2019!

Bricks LA 2018

Theme Coordinators
Jeff Cross – Space / Mecha
Brandon Griffith – Art / Mosaic / Sculpture & Screen Scenes
Tiffeny Thompson – Town / Castle & Train
Chris Wight – Stranger Vignettes


Trophy Winners

Best In Show
Canadian Winter Village by Dave Schefcik, Terri Landers & Wayne Hussey
People’s Choice
Battle on the Ice Planet by Brickplumber
Art / Mosaic / Sculpture
1st: Kubo and the Two Strings by Gwyneth Kozbial
2nd: Star Wars Figures by Miro78
Screen Scenes
1st: The Shining Elevator by Peter Abrahamson
2nd: Star Wars 40th Anniversary: Trash Compactor 3263827 by Chris Wight

Space / Mecha
1st: M-47 Bushmaster by Matthew Rowntree
2nd: Haakon VII Royal by Steven Stelter
Town / Castle
Town: City Block by Ben Rose
Castle: Vampyre Castle by Stephen Bishop
Southern Pacific Mikado 3247 by Karle Mahle
Stranger Vignettes
Saturn’s Sandworm by Peter Aoun
Miss Congeniality
Builder: Ben Kahn
More Than The Sum Of It’s Parts
Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms by Cindy Cindy
There’s No I In Team
The Boondocks Wedding by KeithLUG
We Was Robbed
Rose Parade by Bill Volbrecht
MOCs of Note
Samurai Star Wars by SPARKART
Brick-o-zilla by Brandon Griffith
Benny and Rocket Boy, Comic Foreground


Video & Press Coverage

Parks and Cons (audio – Bricks LA segment at 47 min)

Bricks LA 2018! by Somers Lego

Bricks LA 2018 by AJ Rosales

Bricks L.A. 2018 LEGO Convention!!! by BrickVault