Bricks LA 2022

Bricks LA 2022 looked a little different since it was a VIB only event with no public. Although we had under 100 AFOLs in attendance, the tables were filled with incredible MOCs and the weekend was filled with friendly (masked) faces that ended up making one of our most memorable conventions! Thank you again to everyone who helped make the event possible including the Bricks LA team members, theme coordinators, presenters, and every single VIB! Congratulations again to the trophy winners as well as all of the builders who helped create an incredible display of models! We look forward to seeing you again at our next event!


Photos by Bricks LA

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Theme Coordinators
Stephen Pakbaz – Space / Mecha
Brandon Griffith – Art / Mosaic & Screen Scenes
Tiffeny Thompson – Town / Castle & Train
Chris Wight & Peter Aoun – multiple themes (sponsored by LUGOLA)
P.T. McEwen – After Dark (sponsored by TIELUG & BrickStuff)
Bill Vollbrecht – IKEA BYGGLEK (sponsored by SANDLUG)
Thomas Mueller – multiple awards (sponsored by OCLUG)

Trophy Winners

Best In Show
by Jesse Gros – West Side Lego Daddy
by Jesse Gros – West Side Lego Daddy
Art / Mosaic
Best Large Art:
Sweet Pop Photo Shop
by Brickpride
Best Small Art:
Chibi Klee
by Gwyneth Kozbial
Space / Mecha
Astro Crystal Collector:
Mountain Climber
by LegoSpencer
Sample Return Stalker:
by Bert Segunial
Screen Scenes
Best Picture:
That’s an impounded Imperial ship, what’s your callsign pilot?
by Alex Kastelic
Best Director:
The Fellbeast
by Serena Hinton
Golden State
California Dreamin’:
Golden State National Park
by crayonbeams
Los Angeles Home
by Bryan Firks
Town / Train
Little Big Thing:
Tataru Tower
by Brickpride
Fun Little Thing:
Contemporary House
by Tim Inman
Toad Hall
by DejaDoink
Size Matters Not
I Love New York
by Marcellus Brown
by Chris Wight
There’s No I In Team
Urban Lights
by John Langrish & Ayleen Dority
We Was Robbed
The Hunt for Hidden Falls Treasure
by Bryan Benson
Flora & Fauna
by Peter Aoun
Sigfig Boxes
Ranger Station
by crayonbeams
What the World Needs Now by Gwyneth Kozbial
IKEA’s BLÅHAJ the Shark by Peter Aoun
The Three Billy Goats Buff by Gwyneth Kozbial
After Dark
Best Little Lights!
New Classic Space Command Center by Chris Wright
Let It Shine!
Illuminated Tiki Bar by Bill Vollbrecht
Brighter than the North Star!
The Hunt for Hidden Falls Treasure Bryan Benson
MOCs of Note
NASA Ingenuity Helicopter by Stephen Pakbaz
MOC of Note
Illuminated Tiki Bar by Bill Vollbrecht

Additional Prize Winners

Movie Time
by Robert Ballesteros
Crazy + Wand = Magic
by Gwyneth Kozbial
The Pick
by Brandon Griffith
Sidewalk With Snails
by Peter Aoun
Vintage Camera
by BrickNerd
M35A2 Ratrod
by Tim Inman
Furry Fashion
by Brickpride
Rainbow Heart
by Dave Schefcik
Rainbow Connection
by Peter Aoun
by Paul Intharathut
Architecture Series: Neuschwanstein Castle, Chrysler Building, Duomo
by Bryan Firks